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Newton Faulkner
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Childrens Books
A collection of stories written for children.
Children's Books
The Adventures of Houglas & Douglas - Six stories featuring my childhood teddies, Houglas & Douglas and written especially for my two boys when they are old enough to appreciate them.
The first two stories are here -
Rondo Feliziano's Wonder Wareium - Rondo Feliziano is a very eccentric man who owns a bubble factory. One day the Wareium is visited by  two boring men in suits who believe the business is operating without a license. Despite being warned, whilst conducting a tour the two men enter the "Travelling Tubes" that take you to another world created either from your greatest dreams or your worst nightmares and it is up to Rondo and the equally eccentric Feliziano family to go after them and try to bring them back. Even though only one person has ever made it back!

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