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"Pictures paint a thousand words. Words paint endless pictures."
A selection of my photographs that I have taken. I find great inspiration in imagery and a picture can aid with creativity and breed ideas for stories.

EnniskillenLakesPurple FlowerRivington
Astley ParkCuerdenBlack SheepCanal Walk
Canal HousesCanal BridgeLakes DuskLakes Reflection
Lakes JettyLakes SeagullEnniskillenEnniskillen
LakesEnniskillenLakes NightLakes Night Reflection
LakesEnniskillenStone HengeSalisbury Cathedral
Swanage RainbowSwanageSwanageSwanage Corf Castle
Rivington BridgeRivington Pigeon HouseRivingtonRivington
Bolton AbbeyLakesSwanageLakes
William Orbit
The Secret Garden
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