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In The Waiting Line
Zero 7
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A collection of stage plays written for the theatre. I have included samples of both Full and One Act plays. 
Break a Leg - The Millberry Players are an amateur dramatics group that are in danger of finishing unless they can make a profit on their next play. They decide to do an Agatha Christie thriller in the hope to sell tickets and mistakenly cast a famous actor in one of the roles. Can the Millberry Players be saved? Can they pull of the performance of a lifetime? Will Ron the Cleaner ever be the same again?!
Here is a preview of the play...
One Act Plays
Mirror - Hugo and Francesca move into a new apartment rather suddenly and while Francesca is concerned at the abruptness of the move, her attention is diverted to the long wall mirror in the room, but is she really just seeing her own reflection?
An excerpt from a one act play I wrote a few years ago...
The 11 - Four people wait at the same bus stop unaware of the connection they have with each other. Their secrets slowly begin to reveal themselves as the bus they are all waiting for becomes delayed.
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