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“A path is not determined by what’s ahead of you, but the direction that you choose to go.”
Who am I?
I am Rob Gemmell.
I am a writer.
I am creative.
I have belief.
I am determined to succeed in my dream....
What is this?
This site is about self promotion and not self obsession. A spring board to start my writing career and to promote my work. 
The work you see on this site is all my own. 
I am working as you are reading. Sending work to publishers and to film and TV companies, entering competitions and anything I can do in order to succeed and reach my goal.

What will you find?

On the left hand column are the pages on my website where I invite you to view some of my work. Here you will find links to books, short stories, screenplays and plays that I have written. I also do freelance work for Lancashire Life online writing reviews and features for all theatre groups based in the North West. My personal quest to reinstall some much needed culture back into the nation. 

What now?
Please feel free to look around the site, to read some of my work and more importantly, to enjoy. 
I am grateful to you for getting this far and I would love for you to leave me feedback and also to spread the word to as many people as possible.
You can also follow me on Twitter, visit my Facebook page and connect with me on LinkedIn.

Thank you very much.
"A picture paints a thousand words.
Words paint endless pictures."



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